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He's been a homeless teenager, a soldier in Afghanistan, an Australian gridiron player, a Churchill Fellow, a youth worker and is a motivational speaker. Zack’s journey to date has taken many twists and turns, but key to getting his life on track was setting goals. 

Zack left home at 15 and his family life had been volatile. He found himself moving from couch to couch in friends’ houses, but knew his welcome was wearing thin and he needed to turn his life around.

Realising he needed to take action he also knew he needed to set a goal, a realistic goal.

The first important goal that he set was to join the army; a goal he fulfilled and a decision that turned his life around. Completing basic training made him feel like somebody and for the first time he had self-esteem.

Sadly, his time in the Army came to an abrupt end after a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was sent home experiencing excruciating cluster headaches and following this, was medically discharged, suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. 

It was now time to set a new goal. He thought playing Australian gridiron would be fun, so set himself a goal to make the Australian gridiron team within 18 months. Remarkably, he was playing in the World Cup in the United States within 17 months. 

Following this he trained as a youth worker. Soon after he became YouthCare Canberra’s first full-time outreach worker, supporting and inspiring disadvantaged and disengaged young people.

Zack believes the key driver in taking action and making change is first realizing the light has gone out. Following this realization realistic goals can be set to make positive change, to move forward and control your future.

Zack has a unique ability to connect with everyone he meets. He inspires and drives positive change, personally and professionally.

Do you need assistance in life, work, business or school to find a positive way forward? 

Many have already experienced the motivational experience provided by Zack in various for a (see testimonials). Zack has been a keynote speaker at high schools, large events and conferences, with audiences of over 1000.

We all get lost sometimes and can’t see a way forward; the light has gone out and it feels like no one is at home.

Due to challenging life experiences, Zack knows that it’s at this point—when you actually realise the light is out—that you can start to move forward.

Zack strongly believes that the key to success and moving forward on a positive path, is setting goals. 

While this sounds simple the actual task of setting a goal can be difficult in itself. The goal needs to be realistic and achievable.  


Why not speak to Zack today, listen to his story and let him help to find the motivation to set yourself a realistic goal and start moving forward.

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“Zack was relatable and makes you believe you could do anything you set your mind to.” 

Year 9 student attendee 

YLead, Altitude Day 2019




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